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Facilities & Operational Management

We provide a range of Facility Management and Operational Management consultancy services, tailored to the needs of clients and their property assets and are particularly sensitive to the requirements of balancing the various and conflicting issues that occur within historic buildings.  We have expertise in a range of different settings  involving major multi use venues. Types of venues include castles, mansions, museums, theatres, conference centres, retail, office, industrial and ecclesiastical type premises. We combine commercial, operational and heritage requirements through the combined expertise of our team. Our team members have also been responsible for Operational Management of hotels, Castle’s, museums and many other  historic and public buildings. Uses have included conference and hospitality as well as visitor attractions with retail, café, restaurant, interpretation and other types of facilities. This ranges from strategic to interim management.

Facilities Management

  1. FM advice including heritage contexts.
  2. FM strategies, policies and operational plans.
  3. Asset Management.
  4. Development, planning and procurement of total FM solutions and individual parts.
  5. Condition surveys.
  6. Maintenance planning, programmes and specifications.
  7. Advise on any technical and conservation issues as well as any interventions into the building fabric and decoration of interiors.
  8. Project Management.
  9. Soft landing – providing FM advice at project planning and design.
  10. Space use planning including environmental analysis.
  11. Energy audits and energy management.
  12. Visitor safety and access audits
  13. Heritage Impact Assessments in the context of FM
  14. Interim FM

Operational Management

  1. Operational management advice including heritage contexts.
  2. Business planning.
  3. Master and strategic planning.
  4. Visitor attraction planning at project stage.
  5. Advice on management structures, policies, procedures and practices.
  6. Health and safety.
  7. Interim management

Building Maintenance Management

Our broad range of Facility Management consultancy services, includes maintenance and maintenance management, which is usually aimed at historic buildings. We can help ensure professional and appropriate maintenance of historic buildings by undertaking the following on either an individual basis or as a complete package:

  • Produce a maintenance strategy, policy, maintenance management plan and implementation process.
  • Audit minor maintenance on a regular basis or as requested.
  • Advise on any technical and conservation issues as well as any interventions into the building fabric and decoration of interiors.
  • Advise on any consent issues and apply for consent.
  • Inspect defects as they occur and advise on remedial action and specify if necessary.
  • Undertake Heritage Impact Assessments as necessary.
  • Undertake quinquennial surveys
  • Produce maintenance programmes.
  • Produce maintenance specifications.
  • Procure maintenance.
  • Monitor maintenance implementation and specification compliance.