We have pleasure in taking the lead in the conservation of this Grade 1 Listed medieval 14th Century, cruck-framed hall house. It involves analysing its significance and this is aided with a geophysical survey of the site, dendrochronology to date timber, architectural paint research and other types of testing and analysis. It also involves a condition survey and taking an essential building pathological approach which includes a dampness investigation. We will develop proposals for work through a series of heritage impact assessments. We will develop and design the scheme, obtain consent, procure contractors, manage and supervise the work. Project lead John Edwards said: ‘This project encompasses nearly everything we do within building conservation including renewable energy and energy efficiency retrofit and will also make some perfect case study material for our building conservation training courses’. John added: ‘We are lucky that our client wants to do everything properly including finding out as much as possible about this very important site’. The Edwards Hart approach always means following BS 7913: 2013 to ensure that an exemplary project is delivered which is what this most important historic site deserves.