Understanding and managing significance is part of the daily routine of managing an historic building. Somerset House engaged Edwards Hart to evaluate options for temporary installations which involved the undertaking of heritage impact assessments through an options appraisal. Edwards Hart Director John Edwards said: ‘It’s a great pleasure to work with clients that want to do things properly and who really understand that significance is something that isn’t just considered when undertaking major works’. John added: ‘We have followed best practice as laid down in BS7913, but we also consider and input other guidance such as the English Heritage Principles of Conservation which provides a most robust process’.

The Edwards Hart team have expertise in the assessment and managing of significance gained through many years of experience involving some of the most important listed buildings, scheduled monuments and world heritage sites. Uniquely Edwards Hart also has experience of both developing major projects and managing historic sites and it is this combination of expertise that clients seek to provide well balanced solutions. For more information please contact us.

In addition to advising on the management of historic sites, Edwards Hart undertake Heritage Impact Assessments for a range of activities that include consent applications, disability access recommendations and of course conservation work whether it be in the form of minor works or a major project.