Part of a consortium led by Nick Heath with input from John Edwards, Russell Smith of Parity Projects and Nigel Griffiths of the STBA, this commission will provide Blackpool Council with a decision making protocol and code of conduct for older housing stock in Blackpool.

The basis for this project is understanding how buildings naturally perform and what happens when you intervene. The expert project team will deploy its broad experience and expertise to achieve a good balance between the heritage values of older building stock, appearance, social regeneration, health benefits and energy savings. There is due consideration of constraints, including planning consents, funding including the impact of ECO and the Green Deal. The STBA Green Wheel Retrofit Guidance Tool is used in the process of developing balanced decisions that will encompass not just the usual ‘measures’ but also the way buildings are maintained and cared for. The views of Blackpool residents will also input into this.

All the above is in due consideration of industry standards which are researched and includes identification of gaps in knowledge and learning lessons from projects which haven’t delivered expected outcomes.

In addition to the production of the decision making protocol and code of practice, guidance on the selection of contractors will also be provided.

The project should help ensure that Blackpool homes are warmer, at less risk of unintended consequences, are sustainable and treated to an acceptance and consistent standard.