Edwards Hart have developed a process for retrofit and energy efficiency that follows BS 7913: 2013: Guide to the Conservation of Historic Buildings. This process will be featured in the next edition of the IHBC journal Context, which will be published by the end of this month. It was presented in detail for the first time by Edwards Hart Director Professor John Edwards at an event in Belfast this week and John will be presenting it again in London at the joint STBA SPAB conference on the 13th June and then at the CIOB International Conference in Cardiff on the 22nd June. It will also be presented at the Highlands and Islands Traditional Buildings Forum on energy efficiency retrofit in Scotland on the 11th August. It is the main focus on the energy efficiency retrofit courses for older buildings run by the Environment Study Centre.

According to John Edwards: “We have noted many processes used in retrofitting traditional and historic buildings that don’t take account of understanding and managing significance and do not involve building pathology and we have developed this to show how these issues can be addressed”. John added: “Even a small terraced house may have a tiny amount of significance and a heritage impact assessment will tease out whether proposals are appropriate and ensure that alternatives are considered”.

This process also starts with looking for ways in which to make existing building fabric more energy efficient before considering retrofit and aims to achieve a balanced approach that also takes due account of the external environment and the way in which buildings are used.