The new BS 7913 Guide to the conservation of historic buildings is now the most respected UK wide authoritative guidance for conservation of buildings according to a review in ‘Context’, the journal of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation. As the IHBC states: “it has a force in decision making far beyond the reach of (for example) English Heritages conservation principles. That is why this BS is the ‘must have’ document”. The IHBC has one criticism: “It would have been even better if the BS’s title had been Guide to the conservation of historic and traditional buildings“. Lead author of the BS, Edwards Hart Director John Edwards agrees: “Personally I agree that the title should have extended to traditional buildings, as this would have been a more accurate description, it’s for all older buildings and just those which are listed”. John added: “There is no better accolade than support from the IHBC and I think I can speak on behalf of the whole drafting panel and express our thanks to the IHBC for their support”.

The IHBC also have their own branded version which is available at 20% off the list price for IHBC members, who should send an email to: [email protected] if they would like to purchase a copy.

The standard was produced by a team led by John Edwards comprising representatives from all major heritage bodies and professional institutions which includes the National Trust, English Heritage, Historic Scotland, Cadw, IHBC, RICS, CIOB as well as individual experts. For more information click here.