Members of the CIOB and others are urged to provide a response to the CIOB’s draft ‘Code of Quality Management‘ which is out to consultation until the 28th March. Edwards Hart urge companies and individuals to respond. Edwards Hart Director Professor John Edwards said: “This is a very important piece of work, buts its essential that the CIOB gets it right so different perspectives are required and not just those working for contractors on new build”. Professor Edwards also added a word of advice: “As a specialist in existing buildings, I can tell you that most of the problems we come across have been created by not just by poor workmanship, but poor concepts and past inappropriate treatment of existing buildings and this needs to be covered in the code”. You can get to the consultation here.

Edwards Hart have been calling for a more effective approach to quality for quite some time with our Director Professor Edwards raising concerns in the October 2015 of the CIOB journal ‘Construction Manager’, but its only after disasters that this issue has been seen to be important enough to rise to the top of agendas. “The industry has had the wrong ethos, but now seems to want to put it right and we all have a role to play”, claims Professor Edwards, who added: “I ensured that this issue was covered in BS7913: 2013, that its within guidance on managing work to historic buildings that I did for the RICS, and we have developed training in this area as well as practising what we preach in our own projects”. Edwards Hart have also developed competency schemes including the CIOB Building Conservation Certification scheme, on which other CIOB certification schemes will be based.