Two of the UK’s leading experts in the retrofitting of traditional buildings will deliver a series of morning seminars across Wales with Constructing Excellence Wales in January and February. BRE Director Colin King and John Edwards of Edwards Hart Consultants will provide the most up to date knowledge and best practice approach in making traditional buildings more energy efficient in a sustainable and holistic way. The seminars will also identify the many other ways in which buildings can be made more energy efficient and sustainable before contemplating retrofit, which will include the latest research findings from BRE on Unintended Consequences, and Heat Loss, undertaken for the UK Government, including their cause and effect, and how to reduce the risk. The seminars will also look at the ‘Bonfield Review – Each Home Counts’ report on retrofitting UK domestic buildings. With a third of buildings in Wales traditionally built, classified as those built before 1919, Wales has the oldest building stock in the western world and needs to treat it properly. John Edwards commented: “If we continue treating older buildings as modern buildings we will ruin them with huge economic consequences, but also consequences for the health and wellbeing of those that occupy them”. The seminars are aimed at builders, architects, surveyors and others as well as local authorities and housing associations that own traditional buildings. For more information and to book click here.