BS 7913: 2013: Guide to the Conservation of Historic Buildings, is the document referred to by this Standard where older buildings are concerned and it also requires conservation ‘accredited’ or ‘certified’ experts to advise when measures recommended from an EPC might be inappropriate. These regulations come into force in April 2018, and this Standard, which has just been published, sets out the minimum requirements. Commenting on the publication Edwards Hart Director Professor John Edwards said: “It is good to see some recognition that older and newer buildings are different and that there is a need for genuine experts working to appropriate standards”. Courses on making older buildings more energy efficient, developed and delivered by Professor Edwards are available from the Environment Study Centre and you can also download the new Standard here.

Edwards Hart have expertise in the energy efficiency retrofit of older buildings and in their proper understanding through taking a building pathological approach and we have also developed the retrofit process. We can also provide ‘certified’ and ‘accredited’ experts to advise in accordance with the new Standard and we greatly benefit from the fact that our Director Professor Edwards is lead author of BS 7913: 2013. Please contact us for further information.