A 1-day course on the project management and supervision of work to historic and traditional buildings has just been launched by the CIOB Academy. This has been developed by Edwards Hart Director Professor John Edwards and currently it is programmed to take place in London during 2018 but is also available as an in-house course. Although it will include reference to project management methodologies, it will be focused around BS 7913: 2013: Guide to the Conservation of Historic Buildings and be referenced to ICOMOS international charters and guidance. It will be taught through a series of face to face interactive presentations, group exercises and include personal case studies of Professor Edwards and Edwards Hart with reference to others as well. Professor Edwards has longstanding experience in the development and management of projects to historic buildings and is the lead expert on the RICS iSURV online information service on managing risks in building conservation projects.  For more information and to book visit the CIOB Academy website