The CIOB Building Conservation Certification Scheme, developed by Edwards Hart, is listed on the Historic England website alongside all other certification and accreditation schemes. The CIOB scheme is, however, different to the others. Whilst the CIOB scheme certifies those that work for clients and consultants like the other schemes, it also certifies those that work for contractors. According to Edwards Hart Director Professor John Edwards: “The CIOB scheme is a game changer as it tackles competencies amongst contractor’s supervisors and managers”. Professor Edwards added: “This scheme has the ability to increase knowledge and skills within contracting organisations as individuals will have to demonstrate their competence and maintain CPD and be tested every five years”.

The design of the scheme, with three levels means that it is accessible to ‘works supervisors’, who may not obtain the breadth of experience to rise to the top level. The scheme is also designed to ensure that individuals have theoretical knowledge including heritage values. This is created by ensuring that those entering the scheme, must have a qualification in building conservation, or take part in the CIOB Academy ‘Understanding Building Conservation’ two-day course and pass the end test.