This was launched by Rebecca Thompson on the 22nd June 2017 as one of her very first actions as CIOB President. The CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) scheme was developed by Edwards Hart who also consulted with all major stakeholders which included all main heritage bodies and is working with the CIOB’s Education Department in conducting the pilot. John Edwards of Edwards Hart said: “We have researched and developed competency processes for a number of clients and all have common issues and formulas”. John added: “We researched all other building conservation schemes which all have a common assessment criteria and most have a similar range of disciplines that they cover, but the CIOB scheme is a bit different”.

The CIOB scheme in addition to using the ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) training and education guidelines, which is common to all other similar schemes, has also added in energy efficiency and sustainability. The other main difference is the range of disciplines that the scheme covers, is certifying those working for building contractors and those that manage buildings.

In launching the scheme CIOB President Rebecca Thompson said: “Globally, people look to the UK for leadership on the art and science of conservation.  We have a huge stock of old buildings that need to be maintained, adapted, restored and conserved and we must ensure that the industry has the right skills and that expertise is clearly benchmarked.  The demand from clients and organisations in this space is for ‘certified’ experts and that is what our scheme provides.”

The scheme requires individuals to demonstrate their competence in building conservation within their own discipline. With project and construction management being some of the disciplines that the scheme certifies, there is a particular focus on management and supervision of conservation work.

One of the key features of the scheme is the accompanying training courses. Entry in the scheme requires applicants to have a minimum of an HND in building conservation, but those without can undertake the CIOB Understanding Building Conservation 2-day course available from the CIOB Academy, which is set around the ICOMOS training and education guidelines and BS 7913: 2013: Guide to the Conservation of Historic Buildings.


The pilot is currently continuing and the scheme will be open to applicants in the autumn. For more detail on the scheme visit the CIOB website.