This is the result of an industry survey just published by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and you can read further detail here. At Edwards Hart we have been raising these issues long before the Grenfell Tower disaster and the almost endemic problem of faulty school construction projects in Scotland and hospital PFI projects have come to light. As a practice that conducts many condition surveys of buildings, Edwards Hart we can see the results of poor workmanship, not just in new construction, but in the repair, refurbishment, retrofit and conservation of existing buildings. Often this is not just about the workmanship but in the concept and the specification. According to Edwards Hart Director Professor John Edwards: “Nearly all our on-site projects are necessary due to poor concept, poor specification and poor workmanship of treatment buildings have received during the past fifty years or so and we have to find a cure and some of this must involve the re education of those in the sector”. Edwards added: “As far as quality is concerned, we need a more sophisticated approach rather than bringing back the clerk of works and not rely on a paper chase that doesn’t deliver, but the sort of approach outlined in BS 7913: 2013”.

Edwards Hart Director Professor John Edwards wrote an article on managing risks in building conservation projects last year and this is available on designing buildings wiki and also delivers courses for the CIOB Academy that focus on managing quality. This includes the one-day course in the Project Management and Supervision of Work to Historic and Traditional Buildings. There is also a FREE one hour online CPD session on building conservation that includes build quality.

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