The Last Invasion Tapestry

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Did you know that the the last invasion of Britain in 1797 was focussed on the pretty town of Fishguard in West Wales? This fascinating story is told through a 100ft long tapestry which was produced to commemorate the bicentenary of this significant historical event. Edwards Hart where commissioned to undertake a Marketing Strategy for… Read more »

Trafalgar Square

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The Grade 2 Listed Alms houses at Trafalgar Square, Sunderland were built in 1840, and although they retain a lot of their character, they no longer perform from a technical perspective as they were intended. Like many buildings which have gone through phases of repair and refurbishment involving the replacement of timber ground floors with… Read more »

National Trust Building Review

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Ham Hill 168

The National Trust is the second biggest land owner in the UK and has thousands of buildings that it cares for and like any sensible organisation with such a huge responsibility the National Trust undertakes a periodic review into how they do things. Edwards Hart have been appointed to work on this review which includes… Read more »

Somerset House Heritage Impact Assessments

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Somerset house, London

Understanding and managing significance is part of the daily routine of managing an historic building. Somerset House engaged Edwards Hart to evaluate options for temporary installations which involved the undertaking of heritage impact assessments through an options appraisal. Edwards Hart Director John Edwards said: ‘It’s a great pleasure to work with clients that want to… Read more »

Castle Ward Northern Ireland

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Castle Ward is an 18th century country mansion house looking over Strangford Lough, County Down Northern Ireland. Famed for its two styles, gothick on one elevation and classical on the other this very important historic building is now in the care of the National Trust. Edwards Hart have been entrusted to undertake a full condition… Read more »

Pilot Builders Accreditation Scheme

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Edwards Hart have been appointed to lead on a pilot study to accredit builders in Wales for the Federation of Master Builders. It involves the development of accreditation scheme options based on the views of stakeholders representing the industry and also those representing clients, the building professions and consumers. Accreditation is a way of driving… Read more »

Sustainable Sites Pilot

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With the aim of getting sustainable and traditional skills into mainstream craft apprenticeship training, CITB Cymru have appointed the NPTC Group, with Edwards Hart to develop and conduct a pilot. This is centred on three live sites around Wales – in the South West, South East and the North. Based upon a range of National… Read more »

Train the Trainer in Sustainability

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TTT house with solar panels

Edwards Hart are upskilling educators in Wales on sustainability, energy efficiency and retrofit of older buildings. Working with the NPTC Group for CITB Cymru, training courses are being developed to better equip further education colleges to pass on critical sustainability knowledge and skills to construction students and to those already working in the Welsh construction… Read more »

Blackpool Council

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Part of a consortium led by Nick Heath with input from John Edwards, Russell Smith of Parity Projects and Nigel Griffiths of the STBA, this commission will provide Blackpool Council with a decision making protocol and code of conduct for older housing stock in Blackpool. The basis for this project is understanding how buildings naturally… Read more »